Effect of the bone morphogenetic protein-2 doses on the osteogenic potential of human multipotent stromal cells-containing tissue engineered constructs

Our results provided evidence that the addition of BMP-2 at low dose only was beneficial to improve the osteogenic potential of hMSCs-containing TE constructs, whereas BMP-2 delivered at high dose overcame the advantage of combining this growth factor with hMSCs.

Type 2 diabetes impairs angiogenesis and osteogenesis in calvarial defects: MicroCT study in ZDF rats

The present study provided evidence that T2DM impairs bone formation in critical-size calvarial defects and markedly reduces angiogenesis in all defects regardless of the defect size tested.

Feasibility of bioengineered tracheal and bronchial reconstruction using stented aortic matrices

In this uncontrolled study, airway bioengineering using stented aortic matrices demonstrated feasibility for complex tracheal and bronchial reconstruction.