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The B3OA lecturers, researchers and engineers pass on their knowledge and know-how through several courses offered by universities, engineering schools and IUTs. Each year, B3OA welcomes several PhD and Master students. The B3OA is attached to the UFR of Medicine of Paris Diderot and to the doctoral school Hematology, Oncogenesis and Biotherapies . You will find in this section the training courses in which B3OA participates.


Cergy-Pontoise University – Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Microenvironment 
Paris Diderot University – Sciences, Technologies, Health: Cell biology, physiology, pathologies
Paris Descartes/Tunis Universities- Information processing and complexity of life  (FR)
Paris Descartes University – Biomedical Engineering 
Paris 13 University – Health engineering and biomaterials 

Engineering schools

CMI Biomaterials– Cergy-Pontoise University
University of Technology of Compiègne

Research course masters

Medecine UFR – Paris 7 University
National Veterinary School of Alfort

They were here

Here are some examples of the internships done in the laboratory.

S. Guechtouli (2010). The survival of adult mesenchymal stem cells in anoxia for the filling of large bone defects.
Warda (2013). Energetic contribution to improve the survival of mesenchymal stem cells in ischemia.
M. Padrona (2018). Development of a glucose release system to improve the viability and functionality of mesenchymal stem cells in the micro-environment of the intervertebral disc.

A. Moya (2011). Thermal preconditioning to promote cell survival in tissue engineering. Application to bone tissue
C. Denoeud (2015). Study of early responses of diabetic mesenchymal stem cells under 2D in vitro conditions subjected to shearing.

Surgeons and veterinarians
J. Delambre (2011). Effect of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) on bone-tendon healing.
A. Decambron (2012). Study of the osteogenic potential of two biohybrids with different resorption rates.
S. Corsia (2018). Characterization of a critical bone loss model by mediodiaphyseal monobloc femoral ostectomy.