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New lab member: Agathe BEDOUX

Agathe BEDOUX is a M1 student from UTC. Her master project will determine the response of MSCs from patients with osteogenesis imperfecta to shear stress.

New lab member: Nicolas PHILLIPS

Nicolas PHILLIPS is a M1 student at UTC. His master project focuses on the development and evaluation of spectral CT methods for the early detection of osteoarthritis.

New lab member: Karla MIRALLES DOS SANTOS

Karla MIRALLES DOS SANTOS is a M2 student from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne. Her master project will analyse the cellular behavior of MSCs at the contact of two bioceramic scaffold geometries.

APINNOV – Nomination for the Promising Patent Trophy

Our patent "Non invasive process for the evaluation of the quality of internal dense connective tissues" has been nominated by APINNOV for their Promising Patent trophy.

New lab member: Etienne GUIGONNAT

Etienne GUIGONNAT is a CNRS development engineer. He is our new administrative and financial manager. He joined our lab on June 2020. See his profile

New lab member: Thierry HOC

Thierry HOC is Professor at Ecole Centrale Lyon. He will collaborate on the following projects: Biomedical innovations in orthopaedics: a biophysical approach Optimizing MSC osteogenic potential with mechanical stresses Diagnosing bone quality based on skin analysis and artificial intelligence He joined our lab on February 2020. See his profile

New lab member: Manon MAROQUENNE

Manon MAROQUENNE is a CNRS project engineer. She joined our lab on January 6th 2020. See her profile

New lab member: Lionel QUENTIN

Lionel QUENTIN is an INSERM research technician. He joined our lab on December; 1st 2019. See his profile

New lab member: Rebecca Landon

Rebecca is a PhD candidate. She will work on the impact of oxidative stress induced by the diabetic microenvironment on bone repair and on the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells associated with cyclodextrin-astaxanthin antioxidant complexes She joined our laboratory on October 3, 2019.She is supervised by F. Anagnostou. View…

New lab member: Pauline Wosinski

Pauline is a PhD candidate. She will work on the development of a composite biomaterial able to increase the survival and functionality of Mesenchymal Stem Cells transplanted into a large bone defect. She joined our laboratory on October 3, 2019.She is supervised by H. Petite and E. Potier. View her…

The Colours of Discovery (FR) – July 2019

The documentary recounts the 5 original encounters between Villejuif residents, which took place in spring 2019 at the Elsa-Triolet Media Library in Villejuif, as part of the 80th CNRS anniversary celebrations. This is the opportunity to explore from an original angle 10 scientific discoveries that have marked the last decade…

E=M6 March 3, 2019

Fractures: the amazing healing ability of our bones!

CNRS Innovation letter

Repairing bones with stem cells The use of stem cells for bone repair becomes possible thanks to a nutritive hydrogel developed by researchers from the Laboratory of Osteoarticular Bioengineering and Bioimaging, in collaboration with members of the Ermecee. This hydrogel prevents stem cells from dying after implantation by delivering the…

Science News INSIS CNRS

Cryopreserved and then grafted, the transformation of the aorta into a trachea. For a long time difficult, the trachea and bronchi have only had a reliable transplant protocol for a few years. The operation, conducted by doctors from the Paris Seine-Saint-Denis university hospitals, uses an aorta segment. Researchers from the…

Cytocentric Visionaries: Dr. Adrien Moya, University of Miami

Dr. Adrien Moya has just started a post-doc at the University of Miami in the lab of Paul Schiller. Here we discuss Dr. Moya’s previous work in the CNRS lab at Diderot University in Paris. His recent publication in Stem Cells  reports use of the Cytocentric platform for to control conditions…

Bones in bulk

In certain bone pathologies or fractures, the repair strategy of reference is to graft a piece of bone of the patient in th defect to repair. With stem cells seeded onto coral skeleton, one could improve bone repair. For now, the experience on the mouse seems conclusive! An episode…

The bone in pixels

The medical imaging techniques currently developed make it possible to obtain more and more powerful images. This film presents the work of 4 laboratories specialized in the observation of the bone. A CNRS Image movie. Report from October 2011. Find here the CNRS videos.

Synthetic bones

At the Lariboisière Hospital (Paris), research on biomaterials allowed, after implantation of coral seeded with stem cells in sheeps, a good repair of bone defect. While waiting for the applications on the man ... An episode of the series "Des idées plein la tech", directed by Fr. Demerliac. Thursday, April…

Sorcerers fall on a bone

What are the bones used for? How do our joints handle shocks? What happens when you have a sprain or dislocation? How is the skeleton formed during fetal life? And during growth, how do the bones lengthen? What is scoliosis? When a bone breaks, how is it repaired? And why…

The extraordinary progress of artificial organs: from fiction to reality

Artificial retina, glasses equipped with cameras? Technology to help the visually impaired? Synthetic blood: soon a reality? To meet the needs of the sick and wounded, the researchers managed to make "blood"? Artificial skin created in the laboratory? E = M6, the science magazine presented by Mac Lesggy. Emission of…