Manager of the technical facility

N. Larochette

The technical facility “Cell Biology in Hypoxia” allows cell culture and experiments at oxygen concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 21%. The equipements allocated to this facility allow the analysis of viability or any other biological process visualizable in fluorescence or luminescence.

Porous ceramic scaffold seeded with mesenchymal stromal cells and observed under a confocal microscope after staining with calcein.


Isolation and expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells
Long term culture in hypoxia/near anoxia, hydrogel/biomaterial culture


For cell culture under 0.1% to 21% O2

Microbiological safety station


  • Microplate reader absorbance + microvolume plate (Molecular device Spectramax ABS+ ; 2019)
  • Fluorescence microplate reader ex : 360/485/530/590 ; em : 460/530/590/645 (Biotek FL600  ; 1999)
  • Luminescence microplate reader (Turners biosystems Veritas ; 2004)
  • Confocal microscope (NIKON TE2000 +laser free spinning disk Aurox Clarity + Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 +prior Stage + CoolLED pE-4000, filters DAPI-LED/GFP-LED/DsRed-LED/Cy5-LED; upgrade 2019)
  • Flow cytometer 488/405 nm lasers (Applied biosystems Attune , 2012)
  • Imaging system for luminescence and fluorescence (IVIS Lumina , 2009)

Services offered

Disposal of the hypoxia boxes with maintenance in hypoxia for cell treatment/change of medium. Access to the different analysis equipments.

For any information, please contact N. Larochette