Theme Leader

C. Chappard

These projects will aim at developing new procedures in clinical research for osteo-articular diseases.

The Projects

Tomograhic multiscale imaging

Principal investigator: C. Chappard

Collaborators: S. PalluR. Nizard

3D computed tomography is a new technology that could facilitate diagnosis and follow-up of osteo-articular diseases and orthopedic surgery management. - Read More -

Innovative rehabilitation methods

Principal investigators: H.PortierR.Nizard

Investigator: C. Jaffré

This project  aims to test different protocols for muscle strengthening in the pre- and post-TKA surgery and evaluate their effects on the quality of balance, on walking and on the occurrence of kinesiophobia. - Read more -

Prediction of the osteoporotic fracture

Principal investigatorV. Bousson

Investigator:, J.D. Laredo

The goal of this project is to understand and measure the predictors of femoral fracture from images obtained with a clinical scanner and with the help of software development and finite element analyzes. - Read more -

Diagnostic of bone quality based on skin analysis and artificial intelligence

Principal investogator: J.C. Aurégan

Investigators: M. BensidhoumT. HocM. Bachy

The hypothesis underlying this project is that skin topography could be used as a clinical diagnostic tool for bone tissue quality. - Read more -