Theme Leader

M. Bensidhoum

Projects in the “Fundamental aspects of osteoarticular repair” theme aim to strengthen current knowledge of the pathophysiological and fundamental aspects of osteoarticular repair.

The projects

Evaluation of the influence of diabetes on bone healing

Principal investigatorsF. Anagnostou,  H. Petite

Investigators: M. BensidhoumS. PalluH. PortierV. Bousson, J. Ding, W. Ndjidda Bakari

This project focuses on the development of cellularized materials for filling lost bone substance in diabetic patients, and the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms involved. – Read more –

Understanding and reduction of periprothetic osteolysis

Principal investigatorsM.HamadoucheM. Bensidhoum

Investigators: E. Gibon

The aim of this project is to reduce the formation of debris in metal-polyethylene couples in total joint replacement by improving the mechanical strength of polyethylene. – Read more –

Effect of the physical exercise on bone formation

Principal investigatorsH. Portier, M. Bensidhoum

Investigators: S. Pallu, C. Jaffré, C. Chappard, A. Xavier, L. Ding

This project studies the effects of different exercise protocols on bone quality and repair. – Read more –

Cortical bone analysis

Principal investigatorsV. Bousson, J.D. Laredo

Investigators :  S. Pallu, S. Guinebert, L. Taihi

This project investigates the microstructure of cortical bone, its evolution with age and its link with osteoporotic fracture. – Read more –

Biomedical innovations in orthopaedics: a biophysical approach

Principal Investigator: M. Bachy

InvestigatorsJ.C. Aurégan, M. BensidhoumT. HocL. RouquierG. Xiong

These projects are part of a disruptive innovation approach aimed at improving patient well-being and quality of life. – Read more –