The B3OA has unique know-how in tissue engineering, imaging, and cellular and molecular biology, enabling it to develop innovative multidisciplinary approaches for orthopedics, dentistry, and radiology.
Engineers, technicians, and researchers offer their scientific and technical expertise for collaboration on European H2020 projects or national ANR projects, as well as for industrial partnerships.

Cell biology in hypoxia

Manager of the technical facility

N. Larochette

The "Cell biology in hypoxia" platform enables cells to be cultured and experiments to be carried out at oxygen concentrations ranging from 0.1 to 21%. Associated equipment enables analysis of viability or any other biological process that can be visualized using fluorescence or luminescence. - Read more -

Resin Histology

Manager of the technical facility

H. El-Hafci

The "Resin Histology" platform is equipped to perform a range of histological techniques using methacrylate resin for non-decalcified samples (bone and mineralized tissue). - Read more -