Our patent “Non invasive process for the evaluation of the quality of internal dense connective tissues” has been nominated by APINNOV for their Promising Patent trophy .

The invention relates to a non-invasive process for evaluating the quality of one or more dense connective tissue(s) in a patient, comprising the following steps: a) Analyzing the profile of the microrelief of a cutaneous replica of a portion of the skin of said patient by at least one of the following step: a1. visually assessing on picture(s) of said cutaneous replica the line shape and the anisotropy of the lines; and/or a2. Determining, on picture(s) of said cutaneous replica, the roughness index of the microrelief with an optical sensor, b) identifying cutaneous replica of “stage 1”, representative of heathy skins, and cutaneous replica of “stage 2” representative of altered skins, a cutaneous replica of stage 2 being indicative of low quality of the one or more dense connective tissue(s) in the patient’s body.

Inventors: HOC ThierryAUREGAN Jean-CharlesBENSIDHOUM Morad
BOSSER Catherine, ZAHOUANI Hassan