The documentary recounts the 5 original encounters between Villejuif residents, which took place in spring 2019 at the Elsa-Triolet Media Library in Villejuif, as part of the 80th CNRS anniversary celebrations. This is the opportunity to explore from an original angle 10 scientific discoveries that have marked the last decade of the CNRS, in all the fields of research invested by the CNRS: What are these discoveries? How did this happen? What were the motivations? What is the impact on society?

Themes of the meetings: How is the elector’s intimate conviction formed? – Quantum computer: dream or reality? – Chemistry research for climate – New perspectives in health research – A passion for the Earth and Universe sciences

Lab member participating: Morad BENSIDHOUM

Co-produced by the CNRS Villejuif delegation and the UPS Cultures, Languages, Texts in partnership with the City of Villejuif.