Thierry HOC

Position: Full professor
Administrative attachment: Ecole Centrale de Lyon

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  • Biomechanics, from cell to tissue
  • Osteoarticular and connective tissues pathologies
  • Caracterisation of material surfaces and processes (Raman, Indentation, Topography)
  • Multiscale Modeling

Curriculum Vitae

2011-2018: Coordinator Equipex Engineering and Aging of Living Tissues (IVTV)
2009-present: Full Professor,  Ecole Centrale de Lyon
2008 to 2016: Director of National Research Group CNRS 3162 Mechanotransduction
2007: HDR, Université d'Orsay
2006: CNRS Bronze Medal, section 9
2000-2009: Assistant Professor, Ecole Centrale de Paris
1996-1999: PhD in Mechanics of Materials, Ecole Centrale de Paris

Major publications

Madec et al. The role of collinear interaction in dislocation-induced hardening (2003) Science, 301 (5641), pp. 1879-1882.  See publication

Devincre, B., Hoc, T., Kubin, L. Dislocation mean free paths and strain hardening of crystals (2008) Science, 320 (5884), pp. 1745-1748. See publication

Imbert et al. Mechanical and mineral properties of osteogenesis imperfecta human bones at the tissue level (2014) Bone, 65, pp. 18-24. See publication

Levillain et al. Meniscal biomechanical alterations in an ACLT rabbit model of early osteoarthritis (2015) Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 23 (7), pp. 1186-1193. See publication

Cruel et al.  Numerical Study of Granular Scaffold Efficiency to Convert Fluid Flow into Mechanical Stimulation in Bone Tissue Engineering (2015) Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods, 21 (9), pp. 863-871. See publication

Becquart et al. Human mesenchymal stem cell responses to hydrostatic pressure and shear stress (2016) European Cells and Materials, 31, pp. 160-173. See publication

Pernelle et al. Microscale mechanical and mineral heterogeneity of human cortical bone governs osteoclast activity (2017) Bone, 94, pp. 42-49. See publication

Astruc et al. An anisotropic micro-ellipsoid constitutive model based on a microstructural description of fibrous soft tissues (2019) Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 131, pp. 56-73. See publication

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