Bioreactor schematic for dynamic culture of MSC

Principal investigator: M. Bensidhoum

InvestigatorsL. Sedel

The repair of large bone defects require a large number of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC): 10 million cells are needed, for example, for a defect of 3 cm long. One of the main challenges of MSC-based therapies is, therefore, to obtain such large number of functional MSC starting with a small biopsy of bone marrow.

In that perspective, 3D bioreactors, in which MSCs are seeded onto a porous scaffold itself perfused with culture medium, allow a better controlled and reproducible manner to amplify MSC compared to the classic 2D flask expansion.

The B3OA developed a column bioreactor for the culture of MSC seeded on coral scaffold and for volume pertinent to human large bone defect. Combining numerical tool (modeling) and in vitro experiments, the laboratory is optimizing the proliferation and differentiation of MSC within this bioreactor.

Publications of the project

Decambron A, Fournet A, Bensidhoum M, Manassero M, Sailhan F, Petite H, Logeart-Avramoglou D, Viateau V. Low-dose BMP-2 and MSC dual delivery onto coral scaffold for critical-size bone defect regeneration in sheep. J Orthop Res. 35 (12): 2637-2645 (2017). Link for the publication .

Cruel M, Bensidhoum M, Nouguier-Lehon C, Dessombz O, Becquart P, Petite H, Hoc T. Numerical Study of Granular Scaffold Efficiency to Convert Fluid Flow into Mechanical Stimulation in Bone Tissue Engineering. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2015 Sep;21(9):863-71. Link for the publication .