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Inventors: Haïat, G., Anagnostou, F., Mathieu, V. and Soffer, J.E.
Date of property : 2009-11-24
Publication: EP2503954 (A1) 

The invention relates to a method for controlling the mechanical strength of a part (1) inserted at least partially in a body (2), said part having a free end (1a) emerging on the surface of said body opposite the an end (1b) of said piece buried in said body, characterized in that it is an ultrasonic ultrasound method comprising steps in which: – said free end (1a) of said piece is transmitted in the direction said buried end (1b), an ultrasonic wave so that said ultrasonic wave propagates in said piece (1) between its free end and its buried end; – ultrasound waves reflected at a contact interface (4) between said workpiece and said body are collected as signals; and – processing said signals to estimate the mechanical properties of said contact interface.