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Inventors: Soffer E., Anagnostou F.
Date of Property: 2010-07-13
Publication: FR2962641 (A1) 

The invention relates to an implant device and a delivery tool. The invention includes an implantable part (10) comprising an attachment portion (14), and a confinement element (44) having an attachment member (52) to engage in said attachment portion (14) of said implantable part in order to hold said confinement element against the bone tissue (12) by forming a confined space (54) around said implantable part. According to the invention, said confinement element (46) includes a rigid bell part (46) having a bottom (50) and an opening (48) opposite said bottom, said rigid bell part (46) having a circular edge (51) defining said opening, which is to be inserted into a circular groove (42) provided in said bone tissue around said implantable part (10), so as to promote the growth of the bone tissue inside said confined space.

Implant device and delivery tool