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Inventors: Valentin M., Petite H., David B.
Date of property: 2007-06-18
Publication: FR2917426 (A1) 

The invention relates to a method for culturing bone tissue. Said method being of the type in which: particles of a material compatible with the bone tissue are provided; bone cell stem cells are provided; said particles are seeded with said bone cell stem cells; providing a nutritional fluid (31) containing nutritional elements for proliferating bone cells; said nutritional elements are delivered to said bone cell stem cells through a flow of said nutritional fluid (31); and according to the invention said bone cell stem cells are maintained within said flow such that said flow exerts mechanical stresses on said cells and said bone cells proliferate on said particles (35) to form large tissue implantable bone. These granules of implantable bone tissue are then recovered for transplanting them.